Lee & Kayla Bigham

Lee and Kayla Bigham

About Us

The Bigham family is rich in Durham tradition with family lore of red cattle centuries ago in the hills of Scotland. More recently in North America, immigrating to Canada in the early 19th century, to Illinois during the Civil War, then to the Kansas Flint hills where Jonathan (a Civil War Veteran), and son Walter settled on the ranch now known as ELBEE. Walter had registered Shorthorns dating back to just after the turn of the century. At that time the farm was known as “Bigham and Sons”.

When the next generation dissolved their partnership, Erwin kept the “Bigham and Son” name, (which is still active today), and Leonard started his ELBEE Farms. The first Leonard Bigham (ELBEE Farms) Shorthorn registrations date 1932. Today, over 75 years later Lee Bigham, along with his daughter, Kayla, own and manage the ranch. The current intensive line bred, American Shorthorn herd is based on the imported Irish bull Deerpark Improver 3rd.

Horses have always been an integral part of the ranch. They now manage a herd of American Paints, standing a stud (ELBEE Palo Bandito) that is descended from the great foundation Paint stud Adios Amigos. Their goal is to have excellent conformation, color, and good dispositions that can be used for either 4-H prospects, or trail.

The mission at ELBEE Farms is to reproduce Shorthorn cattle that are defect free, fertile, attractive, sound, docile, and efficient enough to convert grass to tender, high quality beef with a minimal amount of supplementations.